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Professional Hard Wax Beads 500g x 2 Stripless Painless Depilatory Waxing Pellets - Skin care

Professional Hard Wax Beads 500g x 2 Stripless Painless Depilatory Waxing Pellets - Skin care

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About this item

  • Professional hard wax beads - Say 'hello' to the latest in hard wax technology and enjoy silky smooth skin for weeks. With the Mylee wax beads, there's no need to wax the same area multiple times. Wax beads for sensitive skin are easy to use. Our professional hard wax is meant for professional and at-home use for beauty enthusiasts
  • Salon smooth hair removal for all body areas - Revolutionary flexible wax will gently remove unwanted hair from all body parts, and is ideal for face wax, arms, underarm wax, legs, bikini wax, and all your intimate areas. Add your wax pearls to the Mylee Professional Waxing Heater to warm up the beads, giving you that silky stripless waxing experience
  • Less pain with stripless waxing - New generation Mylee waxing beads formula provides gentle hair removal which is ideal for sensitive body areas such as bikini line or facial hair removal. No waxing strips are required, just simply spread onto the target area, allow to cool down, and pull it with a firm move. Wax pearls have a low-temperature melt point which will not burn your skin
  • Rosin-free soothing coconut & arnica - We have created a hypoallergenic formula that is delicately scented with Coconut and infused with Arnica, known for its healing properties - perfect for calming inflamed skin making the Mylee Professional hard wax suitable for sensitive skin and all skin types. Get your next Brazilian wax with your trusted brand
  • Antiseptic charcoal & calming green tea - Formulated with calming green tea and anti-bacterial charcoal which works like a magnet pulling away debris. The smooth creamy wax grips the hair follicle, removing it clean away. This high-performance wax is suitable for hair removal from all areas of the body including intimate (Brazilian) waxing
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