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EGYPTIAN Gold Skin Lightening Lotion

EGYPTIAN Gold Skin Lightening Lotion

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gyptian Magic Whitening Gold Face and Body Lotion is formulated with Egg Yolk and L-Glutathione for a smoother, whiter and firmer skin. The Magic Whitening Gold lotion is anti-blemish and anti-spot. In 14 days your skin is left looking younger, glowy and much beautiful.

The whitening beauty milk Egyptian Magic super gluta-firming action with kojic acid and L-glutathione powder keeps to boost skin and treats efficiently complexion deteriorations, accelerates skin renewal for good moisturising, fight blemishes and ageing effects.


Apply twice daily on your dry skin for efficient result.

Lightens skin tone by 1-3 levels

Fades dark spots

Brightens dull, blotchy skin

Erases sun damage

Adequately lighten darker skin tones

Corrects Hyperpigmentation

Prevents skin discoloration

Evens skin tone

The cream does not burn and is safe for normal skin types. Those with very sensitive skin have nothing to worry about its 100% safe to used.


Multiple Signs of Aging

Eliminates Deep Wrinkles

Remove freckles

Lifts & Firms Skin

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