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Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit 1 with 48W UV Nail Dryer - Poly Gel Set

Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit 1 with 48W UV Nail Dryer - Poly Gel Set

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  • Nail builder Gel kits: 36W UV/LED nail dryer, 6 colors poly builder gel 15ml, topcoat&basecoat(8ml), liquid 30ml, nail art tools, nail decoration
  • 6 Colors Poly Builder Gels with suitable consistency, last for 14+ days with shine and plump look, no chip, no peel, non-toxic, low smell. Please Note: These Gel need to Cure under UV lamp or LED lamp, LED light 60 secs, UV light 2-4mins
  • 36W UV/LED Nail Dryer with 3 timer setting 60/90/120S: Automatically infrared induction design, hand in, lights on; hand out, lights off. New advanced double source light, perfect for cure all kinds of gels
  • Top coat and base coat: Double protection for your nails. TIPS: Every layer should be thinner, make sure the brush don't have too much gels on it before starting the strokes
  • A perfect kit not only for professional nail technicians, but a great kit for starter to make their nail extension. Before apply the builder gel, pick a little nail liquid slip solution to make it more consistency.




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