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72 hours Fast Slimming & Weight loss Fat Burner Diet TeaTox - Diet Tea Detox Tea

72 hours Fast Slimming & Weight loss Fat Burner Diet TeaTox - Diet Tea Detox Tea

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7 Days Super Slim & Tone TEA - 7 Super Blend Tea bags in sealed discreet packaging.
Cleanse your system while losing weight at the same time. 
Lose up to 14 pounds or more in a week's time
((You will also get a 7 day supply of slimming pills for free-worth 3.99))
If you desperately need to lose those unwanted  pounds, cleanse the internal system and get a good energy lift,then this amazing Tea provides the perfect solution. 
This is one of the best natural ways of losing those extra pounds off your body and keeping it healthier.
TeaTox plus: 

Increase vitality, stamina, and energy
  Helps shed weight, shape,cleanse  and tone the body

 helps to clean your stomach, your colon and helps to burn fat and carbohydrates so you get healthier and slimmer in record time.

Take the first step today to a healthier, happier you.

1 cup of tea to be taken daily when convenient. 

Put 1 slimming tea bag into a cup. Add boiling water. Leave for 2 - 3 minutes. Add milk and a teaspoon of sugar or honey if desired.
Along with this TEATOX  you should follow a diet that will accelerate your results. 

Eat a healthy diet example fish, bread, salads, milk, cheese, eggs, vegetables, fruit. , many people have lost a stone in a week, but it varies depending on one's diet and lifestyle too.
We have lots of customers who buy regularly and we get customers referrals as well. Some customers will lose 1-3 lbs in a 24 hour period while another will lose just 1lb. Of course a sensible diet is an important part of any weightloss regime. 
Green tea, rosehip, hibiscus, black tea
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