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14 Days Weight Loss Slimming Tea / Green Tea

14 Days Weight Loss Slimming Tea / Green Tea

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The EXTREME DETOX TEA for weight loss (14 Day Supply)
Take one Extreme detox tea per day.
You will receive 14 teabags.
Helps with fat burning, slimming and bloating.

Ingredients : Ryokucha Green Tea, Rooibos Tea, Mate Tea, Cleavers Herb, Pau d'Arco, Sandalwood, Rosehips, Flavouring, Red Currants, Peony Blossoms, Rose Petals.


Extreme Detox has been specially created with carefully researched natural herbal ingredients known for their weight loss, slimming and detox benefits.
This perfect blend of active ingredients work together to provide the best support to help you get the shape you want.
Follow the daily plan of taking 1 Extreme Detox teabag per day to supplement your calorie controlled diet and you should soon look and feel better.
Extreme Detox does not have laxative effects and has a delicious, light fruity flavour.
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