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How To Install Tape In Extensions

How To Install Tape In Extensions


Installing Nzazu tape-in hair extensions requires careful consideration, and while a DIY approach may be tempting, professional installation by an experienced stylist is recommended for optimal results. Here's a detailed guide on how to put in Nzazu tape-in extensions:

The Installation Process

  1. Prepare Your Natural Hair:

    • Start by washing and completely drying your natural hair using approved products to ensure cleanliness and remove any conditioner residue.
  2. Determining Weft Quantity:

    • An experienced stylist will assess your hair length, volume, and desired outcome to decide on the number of Nzazu tape-in wefts needed. Typically, three to five wefts are used, but this can vary based on individual requirements.
  3. Handling the Nzazu Tape:

    • Avoid removing the tape coverings until your hair is fully sectioned. It's crucial not to touch the adhesive with your hands, as the oils can weaken the tape and lead to potential slippage.
  4. Weft Application:

    • Apply each one-inch wide Nzazu tape-in weft like a sandwich, placing a thin strand of natural hair between the Nzazu adhesives on two extensions. This precise process requires skill and expertise.

Why Professional Installation is Essential

  • Precision in Application:

    • DIY attempts may result in challenges determining the correct amount of natural hair to place between Nzazu wefts and ensuring proper alignment.
  • Challenges in Back-of-Head Application:

    • Installing Nzazu extensions at the back of your head can be tricky, emphasizing the need for professional expertise.
  • Natural Look and Comfort:

    • Skilled installation ensures a natural appearance and comfort while wearing the Nzazu extensions, reducing the risk of discomfort or an unnatural look.
  • Blending and Maintenance:

    • A professional stylist can seamlessly blend extensions with your natural hair, offering guidance on cutting and coloring for a cohesive look. Regular maintenance every six to eight weeks is essential to adjust and move up the wefts due to natural hair growth.

Choosing the Right Nzazu Stylist

  • Skill and Experience:

    • Look for a stylist with expertise in tape-in extensions to ensure a flawless and natural-looking result.
  • Color Matching:

    • Ensure the stylist helps choose a shade that perfectly matches your natural hair color for a seamless blend.
  • Uniform Placement:

    • Uniformly placing the wefts across your hair, leaving some natural hair exposed on the top and sides, contributes to a natural appearance.

Maintenance and Reuse

  • Regular Adjustments:

    • After installation, regular visits to your stylist for adjustments every six to eight weeks are necessary to accommodate natural hair growth.
  • Nzazu Weft Reuse:

    • High-quality Nzazu wefts can be reused three to four times before replacement, offering a cost-effective and sustainable option.

In summary, while the appeal of DIY installations may be strong, the intricate nature of Nzazu tape-in extensions makes professional installation using Nzazu products the preferred choice for optimal results and long-term satisfaction.

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